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10 Tips To Combat Forgetfullness

10 Tips To Combat Forgetfullness

"Oops, I forgot!" - sounds familiar? If you are pregnant and often found yourself in a situation where it's challenging for you to remember things, you are not alone.

What causes pregnancy brain?

1. Pregnancy hormones
2. Lack of quality shut-eye
3. Changes in the way your brain functions. The activity on the side of the brain associated with emotional skills has been shown to increase. This ought to make you better attuned to your baby’s facial emotions at birth.
4. Your brain cell volume decreases during the third trimester. Not to worry, it plumps back up a few months after delivery.

Here are 10 ways to combat "Mumnesia":

1. Keep calm. Being stressed will only cloud your brain more.

2. Write down reminders and stick them in obvious places.

3. Stash a notebook in your handbag so you can jot down notes and questions.

4. Use your phone to create to-do lists and set alarms to remind you of important appointments.

5. Get as much rest as possible. There’s little you can accomplish while fighting fatigue.

6. Delegate responsibilities so you’re not in charge of too many things.

7. Take choline-rich foods, on top of your prenatal supplement, to boost both yours and your baby’s brain functions. Examples are beef, milk, wheat germ and nuts.

8. Load up on DHA-rich food – good for both yours and baby’s brain. They’re found in Omega-3 eggs and oily fish.

9. Keep it light! Don't beat yourself of about it. A sense of humour is a useful tool to get through this phase.

10. Skip the gingko – this “memory-booster” has not been proven safe to be taken during pregnancy.

Of course with every advise, it's best to use your own discretion, check with your doctor if you are unsure and listen to your own body. A happy mummy leads to a happy baby!

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