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10 Signs Of Labour In 3rd Trimester

10 Signs Of Labour In 3rd Trimester

You are now in your 38th week and your little one will make an appearance anytime now. Women feel labour coming in different ways. However, you can look out for common signs that will get you to the hospital in time.

Early Signs

1. Lightening
Your baby’s head will start to descend into the pelvis two to three weeks before labour. You’ll find it easier to breathe as baby stops pressing on your lungs.

2. Cervix Effaces and Dilates
It starts to open and thin out in the days and weeks before you deliver to make room for the baby. The cervix has to be dilated at least 10cm before you can start pushing to deliver the baby.

3. Braxton Hicks contractions
This feels like a tightening or cramping in the abdominal area, and may feel uncomfortable or mildly painful. They are irregular in strength and frequency.

4. Nesting Urge
You may have a sudden urge to redecorate or clean up the home during the final stages of pregnancy.

5. Back Pain
Your back may have been aching for months but when the pain becomes excruciating, it’s a sign that you’re ready to deliver.

6. Bowel movements
You may have diarrhoea in the hours before birth.

7. Weight Loss
There may be a small weight loss of about 1kg to 1.5kg in the last week or so before birth.

8. The Show
You may experience a thick vaginal discharge with a pinkish, brownish or even red tinge. Call your doctor immediately if there is heavy bleeding.

It’s About Time

9. Waters breaking
The amniotic sac or membranes surrounding the baby break or rupture with a gush or trickle of amniotic fluid (usually a clear liquid).

10. Regular contractions
Unlike the Braxton-Hicks contractions, true contractions won’t go away. Instead, they will grow stronger, more intense and more frequent.
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