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I couldn't feel anything more than love when I looked into his Tiny pair of eyes ... Elaine

Zayder is our best wedding anniversary gift.
During my last antenatal check up before I gave birth, my gynae told me to choose a date from 25 May onwards to admit hospital for induction as the baby would be overdue by 24 May. Therefore, I chose 26 May as it was me and my husband's first wedding anniversary and I thought it would be very significant and meaningful if we could have him born on that day as well.

On 25 May around night time, I started to feel weird. I felt slight contractions but they were bearable and irregular. As it was my first pregnancy, I'm not sure if it was a sign of labour and if I should be alarmed at all. So I waited and observed. The scheduled Time for me to admit hospital for induction was 8 am on 26 May. At about 1 am on 26 May, I decided that maybe I should just make my way to the hospital since I'm scheduled for induction anyway in few hours' time. Thus, I went to take a shower and pack my maternity bag before making my way to the hospital.

Upon reaching the hospital, the nurses there started to monitor my contractions and to my surprise, I was indeed in labour but very early stage according to the nurses. They then contacted my gynae and my gynae instructed them to put me on a drip to keep the contractions coming faster. 2 hours later at about 4.30 am, I could not bear the pain anymore each time the contractions set in. The nurses observed my dilaTon and advised me to opt for an epidural if I really cannot bear the pain anymore as there was still a long way to go. I then opted for it. However, somehow I still managed to feel pain especially at my lower back each time contractions set in and the pain was really unbearable. The nurses then went ahead to increase the dosage of epidural. 
Unfortunately, all the side effects started to surface. I began vomiting and my left leg was completely numb. It was about 12 pm already and I was already completely tired, weak, hungry and numb. At about 1 pm, dilation was about 9 cm and I was told to begin pushing. However, no matter how hard I pushed, there was still not any sign of baby's head emerging. I vomited several Times while pushing and I was already completely worn out by then. My gynae then asked if I would want to vacuum baby out. As I had no more strength mentally or physically and I didn't want to put my baby at any risk, I decided to go ahead with the vacuum. 

Finally, at 3.52 pm, baby Zayder was out. Looking at him being placed right in front of me, that moment was priceless. It seemed as though the Time stopped at that very minute. Although I went through a near 15 hours of labour, draining each and every bit of me Till the end, I couldn't feel anything more than love when I looked into his Tiny pair of eyes. It's amazing that he also wanted to enter this world on our wedding anniversary and to share the joy with us!
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