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Simplygood Food Grade Sanitizer Spray Bottle 50ml

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- SimplyGood Food Grade Sanitiser (Works on Hands, Skin & Food Contact Surfaces) is specially formulated to sanitise and kill 99.99% viruses & bacteria. It is also safe and non-toxic, comprising of 70% ethyl alcohol derived from organic wheat.

As this is a food grade product it can be used to sanitise any food contact surfaces such as utensils, knives, cutting boards, dining tables, kitchen & any food preparation surfaces. It can also be used to sanitise general surfaces at your offices and homes. Ready to use product, no dilution required.

- Food Grade (Suitable for Food Contact/ General Surfaces and Skin Surfaces)
- No Sulphates, Chlorine, EDTA and Parabens Added
- 70% Ethyl Alcohol Kills 99.99% of Viruses and Bacteria
- Skin-Friendly (pH 7)
- Locally Manufactured and Formulated

Care Instruction 

- 1. Spray liquid from a spray bottle on general or food contact surfaces. Wait for 30 seconds for the liquid to inactivate 99.9% bacteria and germs. Wipe the liquid completely off the surface with a clean cloth/ tissue paper before further interaction.

2. Apply liquid on hands and rub thoroughly. Sanitises in 30 seconds.

*Do not consume/ ingest the liquid. Do not use with disposable surgical masks as this might compromise its effectiveness. You may spray it on reusable masks but do leave it to dry and sanitise for 30 seconds or more or wipe the liquid off with a clean cloth/ tissue paper.

- 70% Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol, Deionised Water, Isopropyl Alcohol