Parakito Mosquito Repellent Band (Color)

Size Guide

Peaceful Day & Night

Enjoy your activities all day long without having to worry about mosquitoes. Your Para_Kito_ device is lightweight, waterproof and comes in colorful designs. Enjoy a safe and deep sleep free of annoying buzzing with your Para_KitoTM device.

Keep your favorite Para_Kito_ (band or clip) near you while you sleep. Keep yourself and your loved ones protected from the potentially harmful sting of mosquitoes with Para´è__´è__´è_´è_Kito_, a natural mosquito protection solution!

  • Mosquito Protection | Refillable Wristband
  • Natural Ingredients | Essential Oils Diffusion
  • 15 Consecutive Days Efficacy Per Pellet
  • For The Whole Family | For All Activities
  • All Zones | Tropical And Temperate
  • Waterproof
  • Allowed In Cabin Luggage