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Free Local Shipping on Orders $80+

Pigeon Feeding Set - Mickey & Minnie

by Pigeon
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Set contents :

Small dish, small ball, rice bowl, one hand cup, baby spoon, baby fork, feeding spoon for each one

*Sterilization method boiling: 0 medicinal solution: 0 microwave ovens: *

Raw materials polypropylene

It is the set which gathered up the baby tableware of the Disney pattern compactly.

  • Heat resistance polypropylene which we do not have to worry to be broken even if the tableware drops it with is made.
  • Can use it with a microwave oven.※
  • (cold-resistant heat resistance temperature -20 degrees Celsius - 140 degrees Celsius)

※The microwave oven sterilization is possible, but, "a baby fork," there, please be "the baby spoon" for the use in the microwave oven heated state for security of child.