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Pigeon Baby Soak And Wash Powder

by Pigeon
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Pigeon Clearbaby Soak and Wash Powder is an oxygen-based bleach that contains enzymes and plant-based cleaning agents to remove stubborn stains and odours in baby items.

 It is refreshing to leave the sponge hard to reach, such as baby mugs, food utensils, and toys, for 10 minutes. It is a bleaching agent that floats and decomposes dirt with oxygen power, and also disinfects (*) and deodorizes.

● Powder type that dissolves in cold water (10 ℃).
● Wash everywhere with fine bubbles of swashwa and oxygen. Demonstrates high cleaning power against various stains. It can also remove oil and food stains.
● The cleaning power continues even after 6 hours, so even heavy stains can be cleaned up overnight.

● Uses plant-derived cleaning ingredients (surfactants) that can be safely used in baby products that enter your mouth.
● Because it is oxygen-based, you don't have to worry about odors after soaking.

● Can be used for cotton and colored patterns, so it can also be used for bibs and aprons.
(Baby White, a bleaching agent for clothing, is recommended for sebum and poop stains.)

* Rinse cloth products such as stuffed animals thoroughly with water until no bubbles appear, and then dry them.
* Please rub after soaking dirt that does not come off due to sticking.

■ Liquid: Weakly alkaline

■ Usable items Silicone products, plastic products, glass products, cloth products such as cotton, linen and chemical fibers, stainless steel products ■ Unusable items Non-washable, metal products other than stainless steel, silk, wool and wool fabric products, electricity Products, wood, and water that give color