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EXCLUSIVE DEAL: $1 Mam Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle 130ml (Silk Teat)

Pigeon Baby Natural Sponge - Japan


This is baby sponge bath for "Pigeon natural sponges from 0 month" is a gently Wash baby's delicate skin.
Skin is soft and ideal for baby's delicate skin.
Soft and fluffy
Mediterranean luxury natural Sea Sponge

And "natural Sea Sponge'
It is a sponge natural sponge (sponge) is a bottom-dwelling mollusk a type, by using the skeleton part. Soft touch foam and gently wash your baby's delicate skin.

Features : 

-Containing moisture and softness, elasticity and skin becomes very soft
-Foaming, mild washing comfort.
-Women skin care used to also recommend the

[How to use]
Well soaked in hot water and then lather up SOAP and body SOAP, please use

Ask before you use
-Natural sponges we have enough tests, remains rare shells, sand and other impurities. Before use must be well scrubbed from your.

-Natural Sea Sponge is a natural product, so have some gray color, but quality is fine.
-Rinse well with water and hot water after every use, rinse the SOAP-hand-push, turn off the water (avoid aperture like that may damage the sponges).
-Hurts Sea Sponge, hot water (60 ° C or more), please note.
-In melted thin detergent in lukewarm water is dirty, lightly scrubbed and then, rinse well.

Package design and subject to change without notice.