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Order online or visit us at Junction 8 #02-39, PLQ Mall #03-15 or Northpoint #02-138.
Order online or visit us at Junction 8 #02-39, PLQ Mall #03-15 or Northpoint #02-138.

Nihon Ikuji Wide Extension Panel Smart Gate - Cream

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Original price $88.00
Current price $70.40

Now you can finally find a quality pressure mounted plastic gate that is extensible to 187 cm!

These wonderful extension panels, known as Smart Gate Dedicated Wide Panels, are full of safety features and are designed to ensure that the gate is being held securely in position even in such a wide opening location.

  • To ensure secure mounting with such wide opening, the Wide Panel comes with extra large mounting bolts, extra large wall cups and extra large sticky pads.
  • Recommended to use these extra large mounting parts with the Wide Panel
  • The Wide Panel will come with an extra long Panel Support Bar that helps to hold the main gate body and the extension panel together firmly at the bottom.
  • Also include an extra large Secure Gate Cover to hold the body and extension panel together safely at the top.
  • Together with the 2 Extension Pins, Wide Panels will be held tightly and securely to the main gate body in 4 different locations along the height of the gate. 
  • The Wide Panel also has 2 mounting positions to choose from, so that you can avoid the floor skirting if needed to ensure a safe and secure mounting.

*Comes with extension panels only*

*Delivery may take additional time as this is a pre-order item*