Little Freddie Atlantic Salmon & Vegetables

Size Guide
Small chunks of Atlantic Salmon with sweet peas, potato and broccoli.

What it's good for
Fish is simply fabulous for your baby; it has the richest source of DHA, the healthiest Omega 3 fatty acids for infants. Brain-building Omega 3 is proven to make your baby smarter, increase focus, enhance vision, boost mood and enhance immunity. Ideally, your baby should eat fish twice a week.

The important numbers
Organic Whole Milk: 34%, Organic Onion: 15%, Organic Broccoli: 14%, Organic Peas: 13%, Organic Potato: 13%. Organic Salmon: 11%

- Typical values per 100g
- Energy 274kJ / 65 kcal
- Fat 2.2g
- of which Saturates 1.3g
- Carbohydrates 7.8g
- of which Sugars 2.2g
- Fibre 1.6g
- Protein 4.5g
- Salt 0.2g
- Content: 120g