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Hegen PCTO™ 330ml Drinking Bottle PPSU


More than just a drinking bottle for the whole family, Hegen PCTO™ Drinking Bottle PPSU, 330ml/11oz is the world’s first drinking bottle with a unique one hand close. Useful for parents with their hands full, no screw threads, just Press-to-Close and Twist-to-Open! Preparing a bottle has never been this simple. The drinking bottle with its flip top spout, enables easy drinking for both mother and child. Perfect for toddlers or children transitioning from bottle to cup feeding, or perfect for coffee on-the-go to keep mummy energized all day! 


  • 1 x Hegen PCTO™ Spout Green with white flip cap
  • 1 x Hegen Seal
  • 1 x Hegen PCTO™ 330ml/11oz PPSU Bottle


  • Flip-top cap which holds in position when lifted open. Revolutionary Twist-to-Open, Press-to-Close design
  • Interchangeable with other Hegen PCTO™ Feeding/Storage Lids to be attached to Hegen bottles

Care instructions

Inspect all items before each use. Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness. The bottle and accompanying parts may blur after repeat use, wash, warming and sterilisation. For safety and hygiene reasons, we recommend replacing components every 6 months.