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Global Health Naturals Stress and Sleep Support

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Because stress has so many negative effects on both your body and your mind, it’s important to choose a balanced, natural supplement that will help to manage stress thus improve the quality of your sleep.*  Promotes a healthy response to stress.*

Product Form: Vegetarian Capsule
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30

Made in the USA with USA and imported ingredients.

While the human body is prepared to handle small amounts of stress over the short-term, it may not be equipped to deal with stress on a  constant, day-to-day basis.  Unfortunately stress may also affect our quality of sleep.

No valerian root – wake up refreshed, not groggy.

Includs the following natural ingredients that are non-addictive:

SOD from melon (SOD B EXTRAMEL®), has demonstrated in clinical studies that it may help manage stress and improve sleep quality with as little as 10mg/day.*

Chamomile which contains a variety of bioactive phytochemicals, that have traditionally been used to help induce relaxation and sleep and may help to calm anxiety.*

Lemon Balm, is known as a soothing, calming herb and is an antioxidant.*  This herb has been used since Ancient Greece to promote relaxation.*

Ashwaganda is a powerful adaptogen.  Adaptogenic compounds help the adrenal system to regulate hormones and help your body manage stress.*  Ashwaganda is especially helpful with sleep when stress is a factor.*

SOD B EXTRAMEL is a registered trademark of BIONOV.

Taking STRESS LESS SLEEP WELL is different than taking most sleep aids, such as valerian. For many valerian has unwanted side effects such as feeling sluggish in the morning. STRESS LESS SLEEP WELL is designed to help with relaxation and calmness, that can improve sleep quality.* Most importantly, the ingredients in this formula help to manage stress by counteracting the body's physical response to stress.*

As with any supplement, if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medications, we recommend consulting with your physician prior to use.