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Munchkin Door Knob Covers - 2pk

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Product Description

You never know what sort of mischief a curious toddler will get into - but you can rest assured mischief will find him (and vice versa) no matter what. Help prevent children from locking themselves in rooms, or entering and leaving rooms unattended, with childproof Door Knob Covers by Munchkin. The ergonomic design with locking geometry wraps around the entire knob, providing strong tamper resistance. Wide tabs lock the door knob together, requiring both buttons to be depressed to release. To use, simply grab the door knob through the holes in the cover and turn. Get a handle on baby and child safety at home with Munchkin's babyproofing products.

Features And Benefits

  • Tamper-resistant door knob covers for easy and quick childproofing at home
  • Wide tabs lock door knob together - requires both buttons to be depressed for release
  • Ergonomic design is easy for adults to use, but not children
  • 2 pack