Bebecook My First Yummy Quick Food Mix Salmon and Cheese 4g

Size Guide

The BeBecook My First Yummy Quick Food Mix (Salmon & Cheese) 4g x 7!

Make your meal more tasty with BeBecook Yummy Quick Food Mix (Salmon & Cheese)! Just sprinkle, stir and mix it directly with your food (porridge, rice, noodles, eggs etc) for an easy and delicious meal/snack for the little one. Special recipe designed by veteran nutritionist with no artificial flavouring, colouring and seasoning added.


  • Special recipe made of smoke salmon and domestic vegetable
  • Sprinkle, stir and mix directly with food (porridge, rice, noodles, eggs etc)
  • Lightly salted; natural sea salt roasted under 800 Degrees Celsius to remove impurities
  • No artificial additives (flavouring, colouring and seasoning)
  • Safe and clean production under HACCP system
  • Net Volume: 4g x 7 sachets
  • Made in South Korea
  • Suitable from 12 months