Beaba Shiny Wall Night Light With Star Projector

Size Guide


  • Wall-mounted night light
  • Has a built-in star projector which will please parents as the child will fall asleep more peacefully and easily.
  • ECO mode which integrates a sound and light detector.
  • Will go off by itself in daylight or when the child falls asleep.
  • It will come on again by itself as soon as baby cries, to reassure him and help him get back to sleep.
  • Triple functions: classic night light, eco night light and star projector
  • Intuitive and compact
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Wall night light: mains plug
  • 3 modes: soft light, eco, projector (over a 1 metrediametre)
  • Energy saving Led
  • Built-in light and sound sensor
  • Care: clean with a soft cloth