Evolutive Steril Express 2 In 1

Size Guide


  • 2-in-1 electrical steam sterilizer.
  • Ultra fast: Sterilizes in 6 minutes.
  • 2 separate spaces: Adjustable solution depending on capacity needed.
  • Maxi method: Up to 9 narrow-neck bottles and 6 wide-neck bottles.
  • Mini method: Ideal for small accessories.
  • Effective sterilization: Eliminates 99,9% of bacteria (salmonella, enterobacteria, listeria).
  • Switches off automatically at end of cycle: Functions autonomously.
  • Removable electrical cord: Easy to store.
  • Accessories: Supplied with a measuring cup and bottle tongs
  • Care: Clean the main appliance with a soft damp cloth. Never immerse the appliance in water.
  • Remove the bottle holder from the sterilizer and wash with warm soapy water.
  • Remove any remaining deposit with a soft dry cloth. Descale the tank periodically with BÉABA descaling product.