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Order online or visit us at: Wisma Atria #01-31/32
Order online or visit us at: Wisma Atria #01-31/32

BabySafe Baby - Latex Bambeanie Pillow (with 1 standard case)


Measures 15 x 36 cm (WxL)

Best buddy for your little one!
Suitable for newborn and beyond

It flops, conforms, moulds and mimics the hand of the loving mother reassuring her baby. BabySafe Bambeanie is filled with moulded 100% Natural Latex Pellets that are cooling, lightweight, malleable and noiseless.

Molded Natural Latex Pellets, compared to bean sprout kernels or other bean husks used in traditional beanie pillow, can withstand humidity, wetting and soiling, warmth of the body heat and still keep sterile and sanitary; it is washable too.

Like all Babysafe natural latex products, it is hypoallergenic, resistant to mold, mildew and dust-mite infestation. As it is washable, it can be kept clean and hygienic.


Care Instructions  : 

• Hand wash with mild detergent is highly recommended. If machine wash, use a laundry net
• Rinse well in cold water
• Press or roll latex foam carefully between two highly absorbent materials to squeeze out water
• Do not wring or tumble
• Dry under fan/warm air