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Baby Express BE Mine Dual Electric Breast Pump

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We strongly believe that no 2 boobs are the same! Even identical twins are different in their personality. Their taste buds would twinkle for different things too.

Our dual electric breast pump is a whole new innovation where you can pump at total comfort! With just a palm size motor, you can now have different suction level for each sides to suit individual! It's the same as using 2 single pumps at the same time but way better!

What is so good about this dual settings? Many breastfeeding mothers will agree that both sides have different endurance level. So instead of being caught in a dilemma; which side to favour, now you can please both sides! And when you feel good, your supply will also be good!

There's more! You don't have to worry if the flange would fit! Becuase with this pump can be paired with almost any flange!

Go hands free when attached to hands free pumping bra! Pumping cannot be any better than this!



  • 4 modes ; stimulation , expression, nipple correction, bionic
  • 3 rhythm frequency
  • Nasal aspirator
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • User friendly touch screen
  • Silent operation
  • Palm size and lightweight
  • Pair it with any flanges
  • CE certified
  • BPA free 160ml bottle


Portable Design

Light and small, it fits perfectly into your hand bag. Making it convenient to carry around.

Rechargeable Battery

Pump anywhere and everywhere. And if you are running low in battery life, just plug it into your power bank and pump while you charge.

Mummy Friendly Operation

Touch screen with symbols, making it easy and fuss free to operate.

Closed-System Flanges

With our anti backflow diaphragm, fluid does not come in contact with the motor. It minimizes contamination and is safe for multiple users.

Universal Use

Match it with any flanges to suit your preferences. So customisable that it truly is made just for you.

Silent operation

With our new silent technology. The gentle sound of the motor is almost unnoticeable.

Silicone Massage Cushion Flange

Soft and gentle on the skin to provide ultimate comfort even for sensitive skin.

Nipple Correction Mode

Helps to correct inverted/flat nipples, making your breastfeeding journey a smoother one.

Bionic Mode

Mimics baby's suckling motions with a mixture of suction rhythm that would drive up your supply.

Nasal Aspirator Mode

This new built-in mode makes clearing your baby's nasal congestion easy.


Package includes

  • Electric breast pump motor x1
  • Silicone tubes with adapter x2
  • 25mm flange set x2
  • BPA free 160ml bottle x2
  • AC Adaptor and cable x1
  • Instructions manual x1
  • Nasal aspirator head x1


Other information

Flange size: 25mm

(Or pair it with any flange)

Weight : apprx. 350g


Comes with 12-months manufacturer warranty.


Compatible with hands free pumping bra.