Frequently Asked Questions - Bove Services

Q1. What is Bove?

Ans: Bove [pronounced as 'BIRTH'] is Singapore's first parenthood concept megastore. Totalling 15,000 sq ft, Bove aims to deliver an engaging 360-degree shopping experience with curated products, parenting activities, services and essential parenting knowledge according to the consumer’s lifecycle needs throughout and after pregnancy.

Bove is brought to you by Spring Maternity, Singapore's home-grown specialist maternity and baby retailer since 2003.

Q2. How does your store look like?

Ans: We are proud to present the Bove store to all parents. Take a quick video tour of our Bove store here.  If you like our store, please help us share the FB video link with your friends who are new or expecting parents. 

Q3. Where is Bove? How do I get there?

Ans: Bove is located at Suntec City Mall #02-728/729/730 (Tower 4) Singapore. Click here for detailed directions to Bove.

Q4. How many party venues are available at Bove? Any pictures to show?

Ans. We have 2 venues available for birthday parties and mummy group gatherings within the Bove store - Bove Moments  and Bovetastic. 

Bove Moments

Recommended no. of guests: 80 to 100 pax seated, 100 -150 pax standing

Bovetastic [open area next to My Gym]

Recommended no. of guests: 30 - 50 pax seated,  50 - 60 pax standing

Q5. Any customer reviews of the Bove venues? 

Ans. From TheHootingPost posted 9 March 2017:

March 9, 2017

Birthday parties are always so much fun because that means we celebrate our blessings and commemorate a new milestone as a family!

It was somewhat easier this time around (seasoned parents or lazy parents? :P), as we pretty much kept things simple. The fear of shortchanging Leroy was there… You know what they say…. so we made sure there was no “preferential treatment” or “bochup-ness” in that sense. Since, we’ve done it before, and we’ve got these party planning tips here, planning Leroy’s first birthday was pretty manageable!"

Read more ...

Q6. Can I take a look at the venues before I make the booking?

Ans. Yes, definitely! Our Bove store is opened daily between 11 am to 9 pm daily.

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Q7. I am a Bove member. Do I get discounts when I book the venues? 

Ans. Bove members enjoy 10% discount.  Click Redeem Coupon and key coupon code: "ILOVEBOVE"

Q8. I am NOT a Bove member.  How do I sign up as one?

Ans. You can sign up as a Bove member here to join our LOVE BOVE Rewards Program.

Q9. Do you accept bookings or reservations over the phone or in-store at Bove? 

Ans. To streamline our booking process and to ensure that our Bove venues are not accidentally 'over-booked', we only accept bookings online.  When you book our Bove venue online, you will be able to check the availability of our venue(s) for the exact date and timing of your event and make full payment for the reservation. 

Q10. Do you provide in-house food catering and party services for the birthday parties and baby showers?

Ans.  No. But we do have a recommended list of vendors for in-house food catering and party decoration packages to refer you to upon request.

Q11. Can we bring in our own third party food caterers? 

Ans. Yes, catering is optional.

Q12. Can I bring in my own third party decorators? 

Ans. Yes, this is optional. However, if you wish to, you can decorate the venue yourself within the time frame that you've booked. Please note that set-up and dismantling time is inclusive in the 3-hour booking block. 

Q13. Can I do the party decoration myself? 

Ans.  Yes, you can decorate the venue yourself. However, kindly note that we do not allow use of any adhesives other than blue tag or 3M hooks. Please note that set-up time is inclusive in the 3 hour block.  You will also need to dismantle the decorations and make good the venue at the end of your slot. 

Q14. Do I have to make good the room at the end of my booking?

Ans.  Yes. We appreciate your assistance to return the venue and all room equipment (eg speakers, microphone) in the same condition as when you take over.  Kindly put all waste materials in the rubbish bins provided.

Please help us dismantle and clear all wall decorations, food spillage, waste materials etc on the floor before you hand the venue back to us.

An additional cleaning charge of $50 may be applicable if the room is not handed back to us in its original state of cleanliness. In the rare event of damages to equipment, furniture or property, additional charges shall apply. 

Q15. I am concerned that 3 hours is not sufficient for my baby shower. Can I book an additional hour or two?

Ans.  We will love to accommodate your request. However, in order to make the booking process smooth, we have standardised our slots into 3-hour block, with a 15 min grace period (for clearing up) between consecutive events. In our experience, a 3-hour block is usually sufficient for baby showers and birthday events. Do feel free to mingle with your guests within our Bove store if you do the party time-block is insufficient.

Extension of party session is subjected to venue availability at additional costs. Alternatively, you can book two slots back-to-back (*subject to availability at point of booking) if you expect the event to last longer.

Q16. What if I really exceed the 3hours block for the party?

Ans.  We will try our best to accommodate if you are unable to return the venue within the 3hour booking block as we have a grace period of 15min after the party timeslot. Thereafter, an additional charge of $100 per hour is applicable (provided the next slot is not already booked). 

Q17. Can I book an additional one or two hours instead?

Ans. Yes, you can extend your booking as long as the timeslot is available. Do consult us at beforehand to avoid any unwanted surprises. You can book an additional 3hour block (subject to availability) if you require more time for your event.

Q18. I understand there is a Baby Gym next to Bovetastic. Can my child or guests enjoy free use of the gym during our Baby Shower or Birthday Party?

Ans.  The use of the baby gym is not complimentary as we will be introducing special My Gym Birthday Packages (coordinated by party specialists from our Bove partner).  However, your guests are welcomed to use our baby play area within the store (see picture below).

 Q19. What type of audio equipment is available in Bove?

Ans.  Bove Moments is equipped with wall mounted speakers, wireless microphones, and audio amplifier, as well as ceiling, mounted projector and projector screen.

Q20. Who shall I contact if I need to amend my booking schedule? 

Ans.  You can change the time slot for your booking via the venue booking platform directly by clicking on the Change / Cancel Appointment icon in the confirmation email received at the point of your booking. Any change of Appointment is subjected to availability. 

Should cancellation be made within 2 weeks (or 14 days) of the event date, 50% of the venue charge shall apply.

Q21. What's the basic set up provided when I book a space?

Ans. The basic set up provided for both venues is catered, Bove will provide up to 40 chairs for self-setup at your event. Additional chairs may be requested, subjected to availability. 

  1. 40 x Black Foldable Chairs
  2. 2 x Tables (Height: 70cm, Width: 60cm, Length: 100cm) 
  3. Sound System + Microphone
  4. Wifi Access for all guests
  5. 15 x wooden benches, each bench fits 2 adults (only at Bove Moments)
Q22. Do you have a projector available and what do I need to have to connect to the projector?
Ans. Yes, we do have them for you! Bove Moments has an overhead projector while Bovetastic has a mobile one. Both of them are available for an additional rental fee of $50/event.

Q23. Can I change the number of guests attending with the caterer after I have placed an order?

Ans. Yes, you can change the number of guests at least 7 working days before the day of the event.

Q24. What is the cancellation policy for venue spaces at Bove?

Ans. Full refund of venue charge will be given if cancellation is made more than 2 weeks (14 days) before event date. Should cancellation be made within 2 weeks (or 14 days) of the event date, 50% of the venue charge shall apply. 

Q25. I have a mummy group event that I'm interested in hosting at Bove, is there a special price for Mummy Groups?

Yes certainly! To find out more on our special rate for Mummy Groups, contact us at

Q26. What are the timeslots available in a day?

Ans. Booking Timeslots Available (Total: 3 per Day)

Q27. Can I customised the timing that I want?

Ans. You can book an additional 3 hours if available. We will try to accomodate the best we can however, Weekends are usually fully packed and there are many back to back appointments so we cannot alter the 3 timing slots set.

Q28. Are there additional charges for bookings on Public Holidays or eve of Public Holidays?

Ans.  The venue booking charges for Public Holidays and eves of Public Holidays will follow that of the weekend bookings. Please tick the checkbox for "Additional for Public Holidays & eve of Public Holidays falling on weekdays (3hrs)" when you do your booking.

If you do miss out to include the additional charges when your booking is placed, our customer service colleagues will be happy to give you a call and assist you to make payment online for the additional charges.

Q29. What are Store Credits?

Ans. Store Credit is a new discount system available for Customer who has signed up an account with us, in both BOVE and Spring Maternity. Store Credit will be automatically added to your account profile when you received it and Store Credit Discount also auto applied to Checkout.

Read More about store credit here


Size Chart
 Maternity & Nursing 
Tops & Dresses
Spring Size XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
US 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
UK 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
EU 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
FR 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
IT 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
Bust (inch) 34 36 38 40 42.5 45 47.5
Bust (cm) 86.5 91.5 96.5 101.5 108 114.5 120.5
Hips (in) 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
Hips (cm) 91.5 96.5 101.5 106.5 111.5 117 122
Spring Size S–M L–XL
US 4 6 8 10
UK 10 12 14 16
EU 36 38 40 42
FR 38 40 42 44
IT 40 42 44 46
Hips (in) 38 40 42 44
Hips (cm) 96.5 101.5 106.5 111.5
International Size Conversion
12B 34B 34C 75C
12C 34C 34D 75D
12D 34D 34DD 75E
12DD 34DD 34E 75F
14B 36B 36C 80C
14C 36C 36D 80D
14D 36D 36DD 80E
14DD 36DD 36E 80F
14E 36E 36F 80G
16B 38B 38C 85C
16C 38C 38D 85D
16D 38D 38DD 85E
16DD 38DD 38E 85F
16E 38E 38F 85G
18C 40C 40D 90D
18D 40D 40DD 90E
18DD 40DD 40E 90F
20D 42C 42DD 95E
20DD 42DD 42E 95F
Baby/Kid Size Chart

Rompers, Tops & Pants

Spring Size

Height (cm)

Weight (kg)

0–3 months



3–6 months



6–12 months



2 years



3 years






Size (cm)


30.5 × 12.5 (S)

44 × 35 (L)


39.5 × 12.5 (S)

60 × 14 (L)


132 × 71 × 15

Receiving Blanket

76 × 76


55.9 × 40.6