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My True Nature

My True Nature™ uses only 100% Natural and Organic ingredients free from harmful chemicals and suitable for all skin types especially for babies and kids with Eczema and Sensitive skin.

Leucidal Liquid (Radish Root-based preserving agent) is being used in all our products as natural preservative. Based on the same technique use in making ‘Kimchi’ (a traditional Korean dish made of fermented vegetables), this method produces a powerful anti-microbial which allow our products to have a longer shelf-life.

We also use several unique natural raw materials combine with advance technology to help make our products BUBBLES and get our bodies thoroughly clean while retaining the natural moisture on our skin.

Therefore, our products perform as well as typical mainstream products but using only top quality ingredients. Our ingredients are certified organic by USDA and ECOCERT (the European organic certification organization) and pass the stringent American National Standard for body care products NSF/ANSI 305 certification process.

Our products rinse off effortlessly so that parents can be assured that no residue will leave behind on their kids’ hair and skin. This comes in handy especially for young kids who are in the process of mastering a new skill of washing their own hair and body.

The fun characters feature on each bottle will certainly brighten up your little ones thus making every cleaning time an enjoyable experience!

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