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WIN a Pipper Standard Gift Pack. Click here to JOIN!


HE OR SHE was inspired by wishes for our unborn baby. Even before we know if they will be a boy or girl, we have hopes and dreams for them. You may have dreamed of helping her put on Barbie’s dress or helping him assemble his new model car. Either of these realities would be unique and wonderful! You wonder, who will they be? Amidst all your hopes and dreams for HE OR SHE, one thing is certain; you expect them to grow up healthy and happy. Boy or girl, each will receive unreserved care and affection from the parents.

HE OR SHE was born from the company's desire to protect our newborn from anything that might bring them harm. They put together a team of experts, combining the best information from multiple fields to develop the physical antibacterial polymer technology. This unique polymer helps prevent the spread of bacteria through the bottle by affecting the bacterial perception system and inhibiting the adhesion and reproduction of bacteria on the bottle surfaces

They made it for our baby, so it’s a product you can trust for yours.

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